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Despite our best effort in ensuring a smooth process for everyone, we received reports of unexpected technical glitches that affect a number of interested candidates close to the final deadline.  As a result, we are extending the deadline to 11:59 AM GMT+7 (Noon) on Tuesday January 7, 2014 to accommodate candidates who have not been able to submit their applications. If you have yet to submit your application into our system, this is the last chance to do so. Applications submitted after the above deadline will be considered on case-by-case basis only.

We do not advise candidates who have submitted to make changes to their applications as the screening process has already taken off. We will do our best to ensure fairness to all candidates and we would like to thank you again for your time and commitment to SEO-Vietnam Summer Career Development Program this year.

Wondering if your application is successfully submitted ? 

1. A message will appear on the application screen to confirm your submission. This message will NOT be sent to your email address or to your phone.

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2. You can check the status by logging back into the application page. If the page shows your information and does not ask you to re-enter any information as in the below image, it means that the application is successfully submitted.

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Please reach out to us ASAP if you run into technical issues while submitting your application. We look forward to reading your applications!

YouTube links for SEO-V Summer Program 2014 Webinars

Dec 14, 2013: North America focus:

Dec 21,2013: Europe focus:

Dec 22,2013: Asia focus:

Sponsors for Educational Opportunity-Vietnam (SEO-Vietnam) is pleased to announce the opening of our Summer 2014 Career Development Program, the most prestigious and competitive career program in Vietnam. For the past five years, we have successfully organized summer career programs to connect high-achieving students with leading businesses and non-profit organizations in Vietnam. Our program offers not only internship placements but also training courses, seminar series and mentorship from industry experts. Furthermore, students will actively engage in community services through various leadership or volunteer activities at local organizations. In 2013, we accepted 41 participants into the program out of more than 600 applications.

Past employers and partners with SEO-Vietnam include, but are not limited to:

  • Megastar – CJ Group
  • VinaCapital
  • Microsoft
  • PwC
  • Ernst & Young
  • Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation (HSC)
  • Horizon Capital Group
  • VISA
  • LIN Center for Community Development
  • M-Service
  • Siemens
  • Thien Minh Group
  • Everest Education

Some of the guest speakers for 2013 program’s seminar series include:

  • Mr. Tony Duong, Partner, Ernst & Young
  • Mr. David Do, Managing Director, Vietnam Investments Group
  • Mr. Kelly Wong, CFO, Kinh Do Corporation
  • Mrs. Lorijon Bacchi, Country Manager, VISA
  • Mr. Khoa Pham, CEO & Co-founder of Yola Institute

Our Summer Program runs for 8 to 10 weeks, from June through August. The program targets rising juniors and seniors in undergraduate college institutions as well as graduate students from both overseas and within the country with the following desired attributes:

  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Commitment to community services
  • Voracious appetite for learning
  • Excellent academic performance
Please consult a list of Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about our program. For question or inquiry, please contact

About Us

Since 2007 when he first met with management teams in Vietnam as an investor, Tony Ngo has observed the need and potential for talented young leaders to shape the trajectory of Vietnam's development. In 2009, Tony founded "Interns in Vietnam" (IIV) to develop leaders who will not only succeed on an individual level, but will also make a difference by driving business, economic, and social changes in their communities. IIV is predicated on cultivating professional development and leadership skills, and IIV’s first initiative achieves this through a summer internship program that connects high-achieving students with opportunities in Vietnam. The initial program successfully placed five students at Horizon Capital and IDG Ventures Vietnam in the summer of 2009. In 2010, IIV partnered with Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), a U.S based non-profit organization that provides educational and career programs to young people from underserved communities, to form SEO-Vietnam. In its first year, SEO-Vietnam received over 180 applications and successfully placed 13 students in 7 firms at several prestigious financial services, retail, and non-profit organizations in Vietnam. The program also expanded to include rigorous training, mentorship and a Summer Seminar Series that featured executives and leaders in business, government and non-profit organizations.



SEO-Vietnam is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 with a vision to create a powerful network of support and develop leadership capacity among professionals who will make a difference in Vietnam. We aspire to be a driving force that will propel young, bright-minded and ambitious Vietnamese forward for a successful future of Vietnam by giving them guidance and opportunities to grow. We aim to inspire them to cultivate intellect, character, integrity and a sense of social responsibility for the progressive and sustainable development of the nation.


We are committed to:

  • Connecting high-achieving students and young professionals with structured opportunities to intern and work for leading businesses and non-profit organizations in Vietnam
  • Producing outstanding young professionals through rigorous training, mentoring and speaker events
  • Inspiring a sense of social responsibility


We uphold a few fundamental principles that endure as a source of guidance and inspiration and define what we stand for.

  • Excellence and continuous self-improvement: We are devoted to training high-caliber candidates with ambitions, lifelong learning drive and great potentials. We encourage both individual initiative, ability and creativity and teamwork.
  • Leadership: We promote a dedication to serving a greater good.
  • Integrity: We uphold the principle of offering opportunity based on merit, and treat every participant, partner, sponsor equally in every action and decision.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We foster an environment that encourages multicultural perspectives and conversations at all levels within our organization.


My internship experience as an equity analyst at Horizon Capital is invaluable. I monitored daily news bulletins and timely reported noticeable trends to senior management. I also had a chance to interview with leaders from different industries to identify investment opportunities and sector trends. Within 2 months, I have learned a lot about Vietnam as a typically emerging market, and have great fun with colleagues, too.

Phuong Anh Le, Mount Holyoke College (Class of 2011)

SEO-Vietnam ’12 is definitely one of the most exciting and life-changing experiences I have had. The program has informed me greatly of the current economic conditions and the business scene in Vietnam, and also introduced me to some of the leading companies and promising ventures of our country. The internship I have completed in the East Meets West Foundation through the program has educated me significantly on the workings of international NGOs in Vietnam and honed my professional skills. Through the program, I have fortunately met and conversed with brilliant minds, industry experts, experienced professionals, helpful mentors and exemplary seniors and fellows. In particular, I would like to honour my beloved fellows of SEO ’12, whose valuable friendships we have made will, I hope, survive the test of time. My sincerest thanks go to the organisers of SEO ’12, who have made this happen. In a nutshell: this is one of my best summers ever!

Le Minh Nguyen, London School of Economics (Class of 2012)

Summer 2012 with SEO-Vietnam is definitely the best summer I’ve ever had. The internship at Horizon truly opened my eyes where I have a chance to present and defend my investment ideas to senior investors. Coming to work every day is like solving a great puzzle game and I just enjoyed every bit of it: the excitement from chasing new clues, the satisfaction of decoding each party’s incentives, and especially the fear of bias when making the final judgment and being questioned about them. The relationships with my senior colleagues are wonderful and I still often seek for their advice today.

What SEO-Vietnam offers is also beyond an internship; we, the SEO-VN ’12 class, had so much fun together participating in countless networking events, training sessions, competitions and especially community service. SEO-Vietnam is where I found truly amazing friends and mentors. I hardly had any chance to sit back or relax during the program, but if the moments that take your breath away are what you look for, then SEO-Vietnam is the place to be (you’ll get more than you wish for honestly).

Cuong Nguyen, Grinnell College (Class of 2014)

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